How do the greetings differ on the Connector versus the Mailbox?

Although as tools they share the same goal - to help you connect with interesting, new people, greetings on the Connector and your voice personals mailbox are used in different ways. Your voice personals mailbox ad (or greeting) is your identity on TangoPersonals, and is available to callers to hear 24 hours a day. It should contain the most detail about who you are, and whom you are hoping to meet. Your greeting in the Connector is heard only by other callers in the Connector, and should contain information about who you would like to talk to right then and there. It can be short and direct, but feel free to have fun with it, and make it different from your voice personals mailbox ad if you feel like talking to someone different than who you're looking for in the voice personals mailbox. When you hang up, your connector greeting is erased, but your voice personals mailbox ad remains until you change or delete it.